Sunday, 20 March 2016

Jeer Society

“Two Nudes” by Pablo Picasso (1906)

Hello to the appetite
Jumbled on ends of the revolting spectrum, to each their own... Thirst and desire
Scoop gently the spoon of the blood gravy
A pinch of salt is a pinch too much... Laminate pain with glory
Fold the frown in half
None in particular
Overdo a tongue with tongue twisters
Twist on the tip of the tongue
A greeting reserved for the entitled
Must adhere 

No worshipper yet
The guest arrives before the bell 
The owner greets a grumpy face
Two halves meet in the hallway
A silence spirals
Out of hand
A firm handshake is a formal distinction between friends and family
Choose one only
A fraction to be split
In halves 

A hard bearing
Season the skin with artificial endorsement, of etcetera 
Contrast reality, with expectation
Smear insult evenly, over the soul
Soothe the rash
The oversensitive orders an olive branch off the menu
Only to be disappointed, again
The barking of slurs
In customer complaints
There is no mention of why 
Only who and whom