Thursday, 10 March 2016

Imposters and the Consequences of Such

“Mother and Child (First Steps)” by Pablo Picasso (1943)

Squeeze through the glass-tiled ceiling
The pentagon slices
A charity of heaven’s delight
Lit at thirty-five degrees per ounce
And a corner
Blinking is a highlight of weakness and is the distinction between mortal and otherwise
An unclassified specifies roams free under the eyes of the scientist
A moving being without a name, is merely curiosity
A name is an establishment
Of identity
Of the feeling of fitting in

A name is a shoe to be slipped into
Thus the baby cries
Thus it roams the world, crawling in accordance with the reluctance to conform
Thus the baby
Is a coat hanger
For conservative justification
A lack of imagination
And a selfish desire
Inherited from generations of domino dealing
A name and a family comes as a package
In which that baby hasn’t a say

But a scream
Perhaps a yawn
And a revolution from which tears are sprung
To sweep the floors with rivers instead
To flee from the institutions of expectation, and duty
A free man is one who roams, on his on will on his own time and on his own terms
Is a fantasy
Wherein phonies are convicted of crime
Colour the scheme with ideals approved of
Those of which are inflicted upon the offspring of the oppressed 
Is depressing