Thursday, 10 March 2016

Ignorance is a Trait of the too Chicken or Chicken too

“The Roaster” by Pablo Picasso (1938)

Obligation is the act of walking with one’s head on the ground
Shame is the thrust that orders one foot in front of the other
Patterns are part of the routine
Or supposed to be  
The pavement is still a host to the stains of the confrontation
In Carlton
Saliva from the demons within
Spill like waterfalls; a disgrace to the fallen
It is alleged
Charity, urgently needed

Hungry, homeless
And hopeful
A catchy slogan
Alliteration is emphasis on important means
Feed apathy with leaflets
Print a plea on paper, and please the regarded with formal titles, rather
Address the indoctrinated with exaggerated respect
There’s a brain whistling slogans of contempt
In these situations
There’s duty and guilt to stir the appetites of starving men
Affluence is offensive

Oneself is a disgusting word:
It is a pity to pity oneself
A pity more to deprive oneself of the joys of doing and sharing
Good is a flaw if to be flaunted
A disgrace
To the standing
The stood up
The stuck up
An invitation to flee and fuck oneself
In one’s own privacy 
One's body is a bag full of shit