Thursday, 24 March 2016

Elegance is a Virtue of Deprivation

“Jeune fille inspirée par Cranach” by Pablo Picasso (1949)

Many dead and many injured 
For the unassuming 
Everyday is but a circus
An act balanced on frail shoulders, carries the weight of expectations 
Heed the faces of the pearls 
Chocking on wrinkled necks 
A petition to be freed 
Fall from the five feet of vanity 
An expedition of confinement in contrast 
Being carefree
Is flicking the pearls off the oyster’s face

Into the ocean 
Performance plays itself 
As a treasure chest, suffocates with urgency, contains unfathomable wit  
To confess 
On urgent matters
A will soaks up the scent of his mistress 
For another minute
In golden silk
Gender becomes a social construct 
To fuel
To fulfil

All the expectations of the expectant 
Warrant a sense of purpose
To mimic the nature of the exploitation 
You see
As opposed to the revolution that boils inside the chest of the pearl-wearing 
A one-woman war
Is a sight 
Says the colonel  
Inscribed on the other side of the vanity 
Is a surprise
The lamp stands on a dollar bill