Thursday, 17 March 2016

Decadent Interactions of the Dire and Dying

“Maya with her Doll” by Pablo Picasso (1938)

A lecture served on a silver platter renders the hungry
Naturally full
A flair for avoiding the unavoidable
Trash on the sidewalks
Subtle enough to slip through the cracks of the people’s ego, and ignorance
Leaves the thief of prosperity with a full smile
In the irony
An eye is of equivalent value to another eye
Of another I
Another ego
In line for some seasoning at the grocery store

An old man gets high on the swings
As children slide down the slopes of their father’s disgrace
An oversized jacket is worn by an underage being
Is living in the state of complete awe
Oblivion is the key ingredient for a good childhood
Mastered by disguise
Deceit and dissatisfaction
Will render a fairy tail
Into a fable
The qualities of which will flip them the other way around
To bite the ego a decade or two later

Assign the definition where the undefined starks debate
Stare into the eyes of the now stranger
A friend a week ago
Not yet an enemy
Just another person who lingers around at the right time and the right location
Responsibility is not an option but a demand
One that binds together many things of which one happens to be
Artificial intelligence
The duty to sustain a lifeless conversation
Will die out eventually 
In states of exhaustion, the superficial is bound to quiver