Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Never Enforce The Reluctant Smile

“Jacqueline with Flowers” by Pablo Picasso (1954)

Apply hand sanitizer to the grime on the desk where a slice of mango slipped from the fork
A tissue, a tissue
There’s more to the crunched up ball than what's inside 
Not always fluid
Or flexible solid
Do the job with pride 
Brave men are those who applaud for themselves  
Or one who thinks aloud in front of other people
In front of other people, is a notion that turns even the most ordinary acts into a performance
How many hands does it take to clap for support  
How many fingers do pretentious people clap with

There's a headline in the newspaper, appeals for sympathy in regards to the defeat 
Of one of the greats of tennis
They say, poor him
For his loss
A loser never seems to deserve his fate
But the winner’s worth to winning is always up for a manslaughter of opinions
In a good debate
There’s plenty of room for the defensive
Cause-to-cause offence
Of course it’s off course to ramble 
Neither make sense

Headlines are pardoned on all occasions
There is nothing poor about a millionaire
Not even the slightest
Nor the wife who sits straight in the velvet chair, on the other side of the country
A world absent, still royalty
Wealth is a signal of all sorts through good posture, and all the muscles it takes
To force appreciation on otherwise brutal 
Stern lips
There’s a story behind a closed mouth
And it takes an army to pull the plug on silence
The media forces its slaves to pity the wrong people