Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Yield First Or Suffer

“Woman in a Red Armchair” by Pablo Picasso (1932)

Bread riots are a trait of change during episodes of famine
Given the permission of God to exercise his jaw over his subject
The superiors are still at feast
On their casual diet of apathy
Whose stomachs are buried in layers of guilt
And never seen
Ignore the disturbance if it is the prelude to a great turnover of society
Flip the system on its back and butcher the injustice
Until the sweat of the peasants will pour from its spine
Like mountain dew on gloomy days
A morning freezing cold to harvest bones already weak

In the protest a skeleton lurks abroad, in a red cape
A face will sport expressions horrified
The culprits rumoured responsible for the famine plot
Are believed to be hoarding food
Those scavengers 
In times of revenge
Will stuff his mouth with grass for the allusion to ridicule his suggestion
That people eat hay instead of bread as their staple diet
Ingenious humour 
Acts of violence and civil unrest are the norm

The real testaments to corruption
Are the smirks still visible where others have been wiped of the shit stained on dirty chins
A smirk is the most powerful weapon
And fuel
Provoke them to see if your head is still yours
The discussion will spread
Like butter in the salons of the wealthy and powerful to the cafes of the pretentious 
And taverns of the poor
In the churches and on the streets of the city to the rural towns
Sure they will distinguish the smirk
And poison the carcass