Monday, 4 January 2016

Under the Stove’s Ground

“Femme au chien” (Woman with dog) by Pablo Picasso (1962)

Who tames the owner who barks before their dogs even do
Louder and harsher
The rhythm and voice of the human is pleasing for a begging and something 
To shut down the system with a bang
Release from the barrel
A surprise of an opinion 
Flung across a landmark
Like chunks of cow dung unearthed in the soil
A snail is digging a spot for its sibling
A crow is stalking the funeral
The dog is judgmental and waiting for something we shall weary of soon enough

The crow is hungry
Hunger is suffering
So it shrieks
On fire
In pain and pleasure the snail keeps on digging regardless of the pressure
There’s no time to rest
Or freedom
A slot to slip the slime of family members deceased
There is pity in death and it does discriminate on even the species
Who carry burdens on their back
A house

Walls are supposed to be fragile and crunchy
When stepped upon a sin is irresistible
And fancy
Scoop a spoonful of caviar to compliment the funeral in a dish
The world stands still
The snails still, are marching in the broth
A whirlwind of worshipping the absent
The caviar
Please hold the line
The chef is impatient and burning implicitly to mirror his stove and sanity 
If fire is cleansing why does it burn