Friday, 22 January 2016

The Maestro’s Muse

“Le peintre II” (The Painter II) by Pablo Picasso (1963)

Pablo says the sun is subject to transformation dependent on the painter
The sun is either a spot or a speckle from the dew that drips from the brush
Every stroke is a vein 
For the life of the painting depends on the painter, who curls at his fingertips
The fate of the miracle is within but good hands
Abundance of routes to take from the wrist to the tips of the fingers a mountain
Concealed underneath
New skin
Breed life into the painting
The canvas suffocates underneath the application of ammunition
The layers of superficial control

Condemns the subject to the background in which he has only himself
The table upon which the painter places a bowl of fruit
Is but edible
So the subject starves to death
Agony is but a preference
A death is taken much too lightly on fabric
The criminal is bound to walk free by default
Banish barbed wire with a broomstick full of pink blood
The colours have but little time to arrange themselves correctly
In the queue there’s an old man groaning for release or an earlier sentence
Sign on the bottom of the premises the password to grant upon the enactment of the will

Paint ears with diligence
Determination is power
The painter squirms inside his eyeballs with the precision required to master the curves of
The eardrum’s packaging  
A clean stroke is music for the eyes of the painter
Have their interest invented only in the ambiguity
Of whether the ear painted is fixated in reality
On the right or left side of the subject
The subject sighs 
Under the paint, there's hardly oxygen to survive