Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The Dreamer’s Delight

“Nude Woman in a Red Armchair” by Pablo Picasso (1932)

Drape over her delicate shoulder a robe fit for a billionaire’s retirement
She will long and she will groan
Between the sea and the shore someone is spoilt for choice
And travels the channels at home
She would rather be the woman her fingers point at
A dream in a distance
She’s awake in the nightmare, now a dream, she snores
In fright and in fear her cheeks are bruised
A purple colour
Darker always in the negligence of light
Her nose is crooked

In a majestic blend of merit between the sun and the sea
Her hair glimmers even in the dark
To drown foolish men in strands of mystery
Drape over that delicate face
A veil
To defend against the cruelty of the world’s capacity
There’s isn’t an exit but a bed to bound the fools of control lost
The losers of their urges
A trap is a beautiful mouth
From which beautiful words are spoken short of sincerity
The syrup to melt even the hardest egos

Get lost and found
A pile of satisfaction and failure unites on the floor
A hand and a foot is tied together with strands of mercy
The light switch is as fickle as it gets
Darkness is the old friend
Reliable and brutal
Honesty is the heroine again
Another scapegoat comes tomorrow and leaves in fright and in fear
Innocence is a disguise worn so well
By the fool
She swears she’ll love harder if she can