Saturday, 16 January 2016

So Slippery Disguises

"Portrait of a Painter, after El Greco" by Pablo Picasso (1950)

On poor diets swallow dry saliva and make silence to ancient music of the Taj Mahal
Meditate on stems of leather chairs
Too old to swivel
Any longer spin around the clock with hands, who ache in aggression
Fingers burnt from the enlightenment of tea candles
Whereas the drums keep beating
Beat on
Bodies entwined in grace to groovy spasms
Till collapsing on the dirty carpet ground
Brown and speckled with white fibers the source of which will never be known
But needn’t concern  

Cobras sup on the slide of depression wine
Heaters for throats
In drought
Dry hands are a burden to the touch
Cast spells on magic in lotion bottles
Three drunken snakes
Hissing in the corner
An ambiguous shadow
Stare in contempt or confusion, the hissing ceases to stop regardless
Summon three backup dancers from the underground
From baskets of straw seduce the serious

With flutes
Of skin or otherwise, drink water instead
But dance and swivel
On backbones of shell delicacy
Fractures by fractions
Of fragility
And lust
There is a flood streaming somewhere down the road
Inside the tunnel
Under the red light, there is a snake hissing on someone's face 
And it crawls under the skin of only the sober