Thursday, 28 January 2016

Ranking Obsession

“Femme au miroir” (Woman in Mirror) by Pablo Picasso (1963)

An old man looks at himself in the mirror and enquires with faith 
Do I want to look poor or rich today
Because I am capable of either or
Just a thought: classy people, real classy people can look classy even when they are naked
Clothes barely dictate men into either direction of the wealthy spectrum 
The man chokes on his own wit; for the first time sees just how old he really is
Makes him mad
There's an audience for every genre, so don't you worry 
When strangers judge exteriors 
Under the uniform is a real man 
Who’s dying

Quite frequently  
Who gives 
But it’s clear who takes, because they keep on taking
It’s now the norm to be selfish and scorning, in the notion of pure freedom or what else  
The platform for striking is still open for double standards
And a burger
Minus the pickle
It’s a fashion to be subtlety fascist, except they shave their moustaches now
In this society
In that society, you say
What after all is society 

The citizens who come all circulate around the old men, with false cranes and real teeth
Like a moth dying to be dead
Or a fly invading public space, in a traffic jam when you roll down four windows
When the ancient music of the Taj Mahal is playing 
And your sister is sleeping
Peacefully that is
Until the fly lands on her face, and in her mouth
Prompts a dance
And a death threat 
The old man’s smiling in the back seat
So in respect we smile back