Monday, 4 January 2016

Outdoors for Inspection

“Girl in a Chemise” by Pablo Picasso (1904)

From the premises is bore the same posture and stance
As the gold mirror
There’s someone sitting in the background
Someone drowning and unspoken of but for what reason do humans enforce their barriers
For no special reason
Or occasion
Ostracise the strangers and call them
The outsiders
Nametags are a load of trash; a euphemism
For shit
No one has time for proper grandma greetings

Ostracise the painful ones who are reminders of one’s greatest fear
Could it be a morbid fascination for someone else or
They sit around in circles and mumble fictional secrets
And gaze in the fire
For pleasure
There is always an excuse
To be excused
The air outside is still and cold
In her majesty’s presence
The class clown is suddenly shy
Shy and blue

The mask that conceals his greatest fear is lavished with feathers and gemstones
Imported from Italian caves
A clown weeps in the depths of social exclusion
Gossip is an excursion into the lives of people too shy to speak about themselves
Old ears are too tired for games and child play
A child crawls on the sagging mattress
And creases deeper into the old woman’s already creasing face
Fond reminders of youth
Featuring a tear
A souvenir
And the excuse