Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Lines of Exploitation

“Bust of Woman with a Hat” By Pablo Picasso (1962)

Where do you look when your face is split 
There are whole temptations lurking in the corners of your eyes
The world is willing to behold itself inside your dirty lenses
A forgiving act
Features overpowering compassion
Blink twice if you are happy with the current images set on your retinas
The screen isn’t big enough and neither is the resolution of satisfactory condition
The brain mumbles on and on without hesitation 
There is a need for monitors
And monitoring
Effectively the freedom comes to a sudden stop

And sprouts a fountain
Through which reflections are up for fishing
Catch of the day
The most renowned title is up for grabs and fishing
The poor fella who bites the bait
Will resurrect on a day of expectation 
And bite the balls of the bastard whose belly he nearly bloated
On a day of cloudless drama
The death of an ego awaits
And swims in the shallows of brains too basic to grasp the significance of revenge
Where least expected

The fisherman’s hat is not made entirely of straw
But strings of social anxiety dyed in yellow paint and seasoned with pinches
Of blue bruises
The rim is the hat’s only redeeming factor
There is someone’s mouth stuck inside your throat
And it is itchy as hell
What do you do given the circumstances
If you rid yourself of the mouth, you will risk falling apart
And not metaphorically, the fish is watching you as you make this crucial decision 
To free yourself, or perhaps, to free yourself