Monday, 4 January 2016

Lady is the Guardian

“Olga in an Armchair” by Pablo Picasso (1917)

The sky is keen for a revolution
The sky is sparking on a division of three estates as a harsh orange swallows the horizon
Birds that prey in the afternoon
That stalk the heavens are dehydrated
With their features flying off the shrines of the sun
Sparkling water to wash the shards of the sun
The birds can’t stand the aggression of Mother Nature
She plays her music on the guitar and the branches of her leaves
The applause is a fright
To shatter the shadows underneath the tree
The shade is reserved

For people or birds
She hasn’t a favourite
She hasn’t bias
Is she she or Lady Justice
She speaks not, hears not and sees
What are her children eating
Where is she that when the sun refuses to shine she dictates the clouds instead
And what a show she charges
The unleashing of anger accumulated over thousands of centuries
Thunder is the revolution’s instrument of choice
The choir is sponsored 

The earth is still and patient for the next natural disaster
Oh Mother Nature, have mercy
The anthem of the birds is rung from bells of the ice age               
Only time can do the future the favour of spotlights shone
Attention all
The ocean weeps while the sky takes centre stage
All hails
The sky is a burden to watch
The lighting is out of sync
Off colour
Of course no one is in the mood