Monday, 4 January 2016

Kick Off the Attention

“Tete d'une Femme Lisant” (Head of a Woman Reading) by Pablo Picasso (1953)

Colours are merely an indication of taste and nothing else
And she wants nothing more
But a haircut to further empahsise the edges on her face
She is multifaceted and she is the cause of many fingers
Those that have bled and are bleeding for the nation of closed eyes
She’ll never open them again
The risk of losing her vision of nightmares scarred and sacred on the eyelid
A subliminal message only she can read
Only she can see
What we can’t
Don’t brush your fingers gently along her face

While she’s still sleeping leave before she conjures a storm
And summons your soul
And your dignity
In a package  
Leave while all is still in tact
In fact
You are late for the party
Of resurrecting her eyes
Her smirk is its own volume
She will stab you with the hairs hanging off her eyelids
The spears of a vision only having seen blood and terror and tears

She cries blood
Rare and raw
She is sound asleep and deep in contemplation
Of sarcasm
When shall her eyes open next
Only once in a purple sky
Her lips are sealed where once they have roamed the earth freely and confident of confession
There’s still something burdening her chest
A weight for weightlifters
To finally fail 
Maybe this is what she waits for