Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Hell's Kitchen

“Portrait of Dora Maar” by Pablo Picasso (1937)

There is a madman in the kitchen throwing tantrums of pots and pans
The mix of sweat with sweeteners for sour diners
Those vile screaming man-children and their wives, those passive aggressive grins
Those rude hand mannerisms with chicken clawed fingers  
Give me some water
Fetch me some napkins
How about please?
You bloody bastard!
The fire, the fire, the fire is burning us all alive
So what?
Where’s my fucking water! 

There is a madwoman who follows me around in her black apron
Not yet a widow, but she’s got an air of tragedy
And grins through teeth worn out and decaying
She’s dying as I do
As we do
Fill up the teapots with only hot water and no tea
For strange diners
Are only strangers
But filthy
Boil the kettles before they burn your tongues
And sit down besides them… Wait for a minute of may be miracles

A thank you
There is a witch behind the bar
Who stares and glares and plays with our patience
Drunk on god knows
Who wears a black apron
Also follows me around
As well
She’s stuck in my head
And trapped by curses of verbal assault, behind the scenes   
There’s a tantrum somewhere playing through my speakers
And I bet she’s dying as well