Thursday, 21 January 2016

Duplicate and Relieve

“Claude and Paloma Drawing” by Pablo Picasso (1954)

Weep through ignorance with cardboard tissues
It is inevitable when I slab off the deserter again who is the traitor to authenticity
Toast exterior greetings and let us raise our insecurities
To the loners who are left for dead who steal their friend’s signature and prose
Leave the professionals to master their own craft, please
Retire to your house and the sad office inside it
Is empty
Minus a dysfunctional lamp  
Give back the papers until you plead guilty to plagiarism
Steal from the poor his only pride
Read not for support but inspiration and theft

Grant credit where due
Exploit creativity
Survival is just an institution
Deny the influence, upon inspection
If only you’d tested your limits like your water
You’d have saved yourself from those burns of rejection
That still burns you still
You’re flesh and burns
The scabs are only reminders of why our backs are facing but the front
The concern is mutual but the privilege is all mine
So mind my business for me if you will

The enemy will not acknowledge harassment and freedom of speech as different entities
Scribbling love and darling reputations in atmospheres of total indifference
What does it imply when they’ve got genres for people attracted to intelligence
What does the general population have to say
Shuteyes when the balls start bouncing towards your face
When the musician
More like the magician
Describes his music as shit
What’s the point of singing the same songs if the lyrics have expired to hold their meaning 
The goose bumps will come upon the ringtone on stage