Friday, 8 January 2016

Diffidence and Other Difficulties

“La Femme au pot de moutarde” (Woman with Mustard Pot) by Pablo Picasso (1910)

She says, the only flaw she has isn’t having any
And she chuckled and greased at her own arrogance
The arrogance that makes her the most loving person that she adores
This confidence manufactured, on fickle foundation
I am the prey of threats too vulnerable for a praise-worthy hunt if even successful
Not worth a bragging about
Even if I were hesitant  
I said to the medical student, I would be a good doctor because of my morals
She said, but did not say a thing
In her silence there was acceptance
And I was surprised

Whereabouts does the brave man live
Cause we can’t stop thinking about him
My throat is dry and her lips still saturated from the salt and vinegar chips
Why do you do this to yourself
We ask ourselves personal questions
And hold them stupid before we stare into the darkness
The mirror couldn’t swallow your reflection without the sun’s help
It’s always easier to talk
For now, I love you better than I do myself
Because when we laugh
We laugh in depression

We lie on the mattress and to each other
About good times in early hours of history
There is still a loner
Somewhere out there
He could be lying
In the corner of the room the blue light keeps on flashing
I almost feel like someone is inside of it
Just looking
And just judging
And I would’ve liked to say you’re welcome 
Because it feels so good to have someone else worry about your future as well