Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Cashing on Threats

“Portrait de Jacqueline” by Pablo Picasso (1961)

Guarded gates are first and foremost an indication of hostility
A guard with a smile on is rare
A guard without his guard on is even more so
How do some people wear their fedoras the wrong side around
A feud is terrifying
With your family
Bored but not dying of boredom
There are no excuses for insecurity
But old men do little to nothing to embrace the changes they seem to object to upon 
The premises
That the house is slanted  

People keep throwing shit around on Thursdays
The smell of a dying bird evaporates in the backyard
It looks like nothing’s happened whenever the rain stops
My t-shirts are worn out, hard and harsh in texture, aren’t white enough
The winged and moving are oblivious to their advantage
While worms are a phobia for some, they’re a delight for others
Fine dining under the dirt, there’s a big one slithering in one huge slump of crack cocaine
Fine, fine, fine
There’s something sliding down my back
Wriggled and compressed beneath the juxtaposition
Of skin and fabric

Boring people must learn to appreciate loud music
Two in the morning you’d think the speakers would've stopped or the cops would've arrived
But it’s not a scene anywhere to be seen
But on the television screen
But in the lyrics of melancholic people
There’s something
There’s a woman across the street and she’s watching me as I dump my garbage
In my neighbor’s bin
She cringes 
I see the delight fire up in her eyes, when she storms inside without even bidding farewell
No one needs your adieu