Sunday, 20 December 2015

Zoom Rapidly Past Reconsidering

“Female Nude and Smoker” by Pablo Picasso (1968)

The floors are dirty where fake friends have walked
Faces of alleged concern slither through the hallway, on unforgivable account
Don’t come back knocking on his door
Give constant attention to the friendly patient, burdened with suffering inside and out
Victims are the people that people don’t care about
Don’t ask him any questions about 
Privileged confessions
They take for granted 
Poured down the drain a tongue-twisting friendship unworthy of fixing
Fix the villain’s skirt in the mirror
The victim hasn’t time to pay with reason, as tight as… The gaps that need filling  

The volcano sleeps in peace until it is provoked with indifference and attitude
In general, volcanoes will never erupt for any reason 
Red is the recurring image of anger
Don’t ask him about
Resentment of boils at temperatures beyond belief
A clay statue is a human being baked in lava
The body is a bag of the largest organ, which will bleed
Slit at any angle, the body will spill its secrets into the rivers of ash and concrete
Mould from the aftermath a figurine more loyal than a friend
Could ever be
Flee quickly, before the roots scar too deep

The volcano is sleeping
Until they bash him at four in the afternoon
Don’t knock on his door
Twelve hours of sleep seems excessive for them
For him it is never enough
Lava takes time to create to mould to pour and to destroy
Don’t ask
He’ll never reveal
On the link that connects one friend to another, pour the liquid of sleep deprivation
And watch, in silence, strictly
As the world melts to her knees