Friday, 4 December 2015

Zigzag Crossings for Board Gamers

“Seated Harlequin” by Pablo Picasso (1901)

The ones eligible for the sport of mind reading are the scariest, of the intelligent shapes
Those who look through the heads
With kaleidoscopes
To satisfy the hypothesis of human functioning
Are curious to project upon reputations
The accumulation of gossip in the discussion of dirty thoughts and morbid thinking
In general, it’s preferable if they’d just remain quiet
Two fingers lend their influence to the temples on the sideline
The future is unreasonable
The psychic is problemed with wrong predictions
The world was supposed to self-destruct a hundred years ago
In a hundred years ahead the children of the psychic will predict the same errors again
There is always a pattern to incompetence
Flaw will be easier to accept in the future
Whoever has the heart to blame a child was never a child before
If humans were to develop at the same rates and consistency as they had, during their
First two years, the world would be roamed by twenty-two foot giants and still counting

Five fingers can count a thousands times over their own value
It isn’t easy to estimate the substance of the self
The number four is the only historical number to have its own numerical value
Equivalent to the construction of its spelling
Chess should be played on squares of black and blue
Instead, a game is a form of punishment  
A cheater is not a cheat unless they are caught cheating
The mastermind is the winner of the contest from which they would never withdraw