Sunday, 6 December 2015

Zero Eggs for Naïve Mothers

“Femme a la Corneille” (Woman with raven) by Pablo Picasso (1904)

Inside the bushes that spill over the edge, the bird is making his nest to lure the mistress
Four eggs are safe from the predator
A family on hold, the day for hatching comes closer as an anxious mother takes her anger out 
In the ground
Dinner is calling
All conscious beings enjoy eating, regardless of their race
Worms are worth the dirt they have to dig through
The hissing of the ferns pronounce the young have survived in their fledging states
Grant the new citizens a worm each to taste the offerings of the world

The family is at peace until the next batch of offspring 
In the next neighbourhood, a monster is on the hunt to lay their eggs
The cuckoo enjoys the nest of another for some reason, she will approach
When the owner is absent, she will swallow an egg and replace one of her own, for balance
The difference is virtually nonexistent
Deception is in the bloodline; when the cuckoo hatches he forces the others out of the nest 
Atlas with the world on his back 
Depression in the cries
Alas, they fall into the water one after the other 

The cuckoo should not be our mascots of time
The true masters of manipulation; the deadliest of the kingdom 
Bastards notorious for exploiting a mother's love
A cruel joke is when the mothers lose their own children, and raise the young of foreigners  
Infants bash their stepbrothers and stepsisters 
The nest is fit for only one rising, 
The siblings are fighting for survival through selfish means, already 
The foster parents are made for fools, in another situation 
The victim makes their splash before they hatch in the H2