Sunday, 6 December 2015

Year of the Bragger

“Portrait bleu de Angel Fernández de Soto” (Portrait of Angel Fernández de Soto) by Pablo Picasso (1903)

Sixty stanzas in one day is a personal record
I can hardly wipe the smirk off the canvas 
Suppression is almost
Break the amount of pressure unloaded on frames of underdevelopment
Compassion is perhaps the greatest of offerings
Some parents are punished for giving their babies names too large, for human life those of 
Which, are more fitting for, gods, rather
Our uncles are too drunk to even recite their own names
Our aunties are too careless to even attend to the barf, on the bathroom floor  
Happiness should always catch on if you are genuine

So you are the soil, but you’re still going to need our seeds in order to sprout something
On those fields
Our boots provide bare protection 
I have poured so many hours into the mould so I hope for something, for redemption 
They call mangoes the king of fruits and I couldn’t agree more
Legend says we just wanted to run
When it comes to the shame of requesting a refund we swallow some serious face  
Good advice comes scarcely
Like real gold
It’s up to the farmer to water the seeds we’ve blessed his soil with  

Not all treasures need to be dug
Praise is the syrup we pour over our worth
Mirrors paint colours of self-perception, and some go too far to court themselves
Reassurance is necessary 
Under the collision of contrasting colours
Build the war on the internal front… Repetition is a cure
A tank dominates the dance floor
What if I die and no one’s read my poetry
Hungry is just another word for deprivation and a pun on The New York Times