Friday, 4 December 2015

X-Rated Interpretations of human Being

“Les deux frères” (The two brothers) by Pablo Picasso (1905-06)

We browse through institutions self-aware because of the mirrors they shove into our faces
Exposure is emphasis 
Are reminders we aren't good enough as the pictures of our fellow species
On boastful billboards and magazines
They idealise technology as a means of mastering illusion
So many of us are still depressed by their deception, we victimise ourselves like they want
We’ll never look handsome with the right clothes or cologne no one will enjoy our scent
Because we are ugly or so they say and make believe 
A nude campaign will always sell faster
Their fashions are the greatest distraction from what monumentally matters  
They don’t see us for anything but our faces

Oblivion is safety, whereas we should console arrogance 
They swim in the shallow because they are short minded; who drown in manipulation  
A narcissist is always proud
Never question how narcissistic they are in order to avoid the unintentional insult
Deprivation of independence becomes the cause for reading, columns of advice
Written by the clueless critic 
Offerings of lifestyle tips and clothing lines, we should invest in ourselves more
Repetition is not always a persuasive technique 
No one wants to read the same article, with a different headline
They parody themselves with passion

Hallucinations are obvious in their depictions of diversity
So we show them what it is like to live truly free
Human skin is the highest form of protest possible
Being vulnerable isn't vain
We stand naked to wait for them to hang us 
Everyone is the same underneath, all the clothes that they label us with
Beneath the wool the cashmere and the velvet
The devil is no where to be seen
Because we wear our devils on our sleeves when we judge the exteriors, we should remorse 
A price tag should never determine power
We only afford expensive if we're willing to be, puppets of experimentation