Wednesday, 2 December 2015

War is for the Independent

“Femme au café” (Absinthe Drinker) by Pablo Picasso (1901-02)

Bashing coconuts with knives impressively sharp
Why do we have to wonder what’s going on in the kitchen
If we can just ask the chef to spill the beans
It’s unlikely they’d even be thinking about us if they’ve been responding
With silence
The whole time
What do they think when they hear our names once they’ve learnt to hate us
Our chins are sticky with fatigue
There’s no big deal with being a loner
They’d doubtless be sitting by the lake and stalking families they’re glad
Not to be a part of

Reflection has always been the most tedious task of human capacity
We’re always thinking what we’ll do next before we’re even done doing what
We are doing
Is irrelevant there’s only so many people we can befriend
We’ve befriended them all before and made enemies out of the whole lot
They’re so curious about how we’re living our lives
They want a share of our alcohol
To bathe their wrinkling hands with
Humour is everywhere for the humorous
We don’t have to be comedians for anyone but ourselves

There’s no point trying to get them onto our side when we’re capable of fighting
For ourselves
Be true to yourself when no one is around
For there is nothing more sad than forcing yourself to be someone else in your own company
They think we’re weak
Until they provoke the unknown
Thus is the price they pay for judging in the dark
Darkness has always been our friend for this reason
We’re stronger than we think we are
Stronger than the glass bottles they line before our vision  
Better not lose sight of our competition
They better warn us before they strike again