Sunday, 6 December 2015

Views and Values or Lack Thereof

“Seated Bather” by Pablo Picasso (1930)

Speed bumpers are a bummer for learner drivers
What determines a good driver that avoiding an accident is not an indication of skill
But luck, is crucial to pass the exhausting examination 
Swallow the phlegm in disgust it is revolting
To hate on the body that acts naturally
Water rains from the roof out of nowhere, spoilt children scream mounted on Europe
The body is a shrine for some to worship; the views are impeccable
Where we drive, on the road it is harder to tell who an enemy is

Road rage will lead to a road kill and statistics will show 
Hit runners will burn in hell eventually 
Billboards are a distraction above anything else, the puns get jammed in traffic, and heads  
Some headlights are still switched off inside the tunnel always avoid lane change 
Says the announcement over head
The road signs are green in commemoration of nature
Stick to your comrades instead who roam the roads before you
Tailgaters should be infringed, on the spot

Drive in circles while the anticipation comes to a close
Shortcuts are unreliable off the main road
Get lost in the neighbourhoods of beauty hard to deal with and process
Backyards are better without a fence for easier access to the river
Swimmers in bathing suits of self-consciousness
The body drives itself insane until the skeleton form is the final endpoint
You will arrive at your destination on the left