Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Vicious Demonstrations of the Devil

“Bust of a Man in a Hat” by Pablo Picasso (1970) 

I looked at the devil in his face, the devil with the skinny jeans and a plastered smile
And I said fuck you
He said nothing of it until today 
Judgement day is every day on the devil's calendar  
I was slammed in the face with a load of his shit
To be taught a lesson
The devil’s shit is laced with burnt coal and ostentatious snobbery 
I asked him why it had to be so graphic 
He said nothing of it 
Until further notice, I will slam into his face a slab of concrete
As a present for the upcoming holiday season, 
A mask is a gift of greatness 

So only then his odd smile is no longer odd on a face in harmony with the rest 
Of itself 
Of what he has to say
Is of no interest to me to listen in 
The common denominator of the face is concrete, hard and solid 
The devil is numb to my feelings  
So I test the lack of humanity in the alien species 
Under the straw hat
The devil disguises himself with the incessant roars of fake laughter
No wonder why my eardrums have exploded ever since coming into contact with 
A man of so much poison 
How do poisonous people survive 

Only the greatest of the people can sport a front 
A fancy host at the end of the table 
Dropping F-bombs by storm: “fabulous” this and “fabulous” that 
It would be fucking great if you could just shut the hell up please, for once
And listen instead of parading the greatness upon which you pride your posture
But of which no one has ever even heard about 
No one has the front page of their profile full of reviews 
You are so soaked in the abuse of your narcissistic substance
You are drenching the carpet
So banish yourself back in hell to which you belong and where the drenching will stop
But burn your brains