Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Vehemently Against Humanity

“Friendship” by Pablo Picasso (1908)

Crocodile tears are extra salty; just ask your bags and wallets
Rhetorical questions
Those belts around your waist were once bloody  
Gore is the grain of natural leather
Why do we insist on wearing genuine skin as fake people; marinate what already is
Selfishness is the drive for marketing goods against morality
Morals are not on the nametag
Never mind the tag that asks for more than it deserves

Animals deserve to wear our skin for once
Cannibalism is our biggest disgrace, if the word being is not prejudiced
It makes no sense to slaughter our own
It is admirable to parade something, which could never be bought, seduced or deceived  
Like human organs
Equality would exist if the word best becomes truthfully, redundant
Labeling is addictive for the above
We can’t peel their labels off; a friend could be a foe of the future

The brain is the supplier of agony and will never cease to discriminate   
Vitamin water is actually crocodile tears
When we drink for the sake of drinking
We’ve killed some innocent organisms we know nothing about and aren’t questioning
Oblivion is torture for the curious minded 
Thus prison cells seal reality from inmates dying for the outside
A breath of air from the wrong person could result in the death that takes time
Choose with care the candidate to expel