Thursday, 3 December 2015

Underage Ammunition

“Acrobate et jeune Arlequin” (Acrobat and Young Harlequin) by Pablo Picasso (1905)

Forced standing arrangements in order to please the guardians, assigned
Sometimes we do more for them than they do for us
Yet they never want to acknowledge how we loathe those strangers
Who they demand us to enjoy the company of
We can’t befriend naturally while they keep on critiquing us, as we go
Not everyone is fit for the spotlight
We can still hear their whispering, for god’s sake
Some people rely on nightfall to come out as their real selves
It is a tragedy to inflict upon our children the situation in which they find 
More suffocation than peace
The adults need to learn to leave the children alone

Before they explode
They will wonder why they’ve raised
Those citizens of antisocial persona, and activity
We walk closer to the curb to protect ourselves
From danger that doesn’t exist  
Our surroundings don’t drive us insane but our brains and their dysfunctional thoughts
We thought we really needed to go to the loo
But we were just paranoid
Like we always are
Paranoia is our second skin
We wear with pride the flags of our nation draped over bony shoulders

The silk of the navy stripes
We’re too naïve to appreciate the significance of the stars that float
In the ocean’s air, they wave their flags as signs of surrender
Our ignorance is terrifying
Even to them
We’re just babies and hardly men
Our fabric no longer symbolises a means of peace 
As we tie around our necks 
Sheer determination 
The red that represents our resistance, to their indoctrination
Roll up the flags and tuck them inside trousers, to save them the energy, needed for warfare 
For there is always tomorrow to prove our worth