Thursday, 3 December 2015

There’s Nothing Wrong With Having Backup

“Femme Assise dans un Fauteuil” (Woman Sitting in a Chair) by Pablo Picasso (1910)

A bad chair can determine a bad posture and vice versa
So never be stingy when you invest in the support of the most unchanging and loyal structure 
This is necessary for rewarding yourself unlike those bags and belts you manage
To convince yourself to keep on buying
Storage is your unconscious contention
When you buy those things to better yourself a bad posture will ruin
Every brand that you can afford
Labours and exploits someone who loves you more than yourself
To sacrifice themselves for your goods
Aren’t even good when you replace them so often
Do you ever think about the factory workers

Who rise early and go to sleep late in the night
While you snore off the sharp edges of your face  
What sharpener do you use 
On minimum wage nothing is comforting
When they drag their legs up the stairs that creak like spines just wanting to break
In halves you’ll never share a fraction of what you have
Because it is better to feed your ceramic banks than a real person with
A beating heart, is not a good enough indication, for you
That kindness is always needed
Please never underestimate your contribution, when you deem you won’t make
A difference
You are so wrong
And that is a lazy excuse

To excuse me when you can’t even excuse yourself
Properly and politely  
To abandon your posture after the five, intense minutes of exaggeration
Like everything else that you have once encountered
Or has ever encountered you, by fortune or otherwise
It needs time and consistency to reinvent itself
Patience is given for free
So at least you can spend that wisely, on furniture or otherwise  
Our chairs are the only ones that have our backs
So choose a seat to suit yourself
A cold marble throne to signify your superior status
Sounds like a good choice, the dealer agrees regardless