Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Sleep Walking On The Seat

“La buveuse assoupie” (The Absinthe Drinker) by Pablo Picasso (1902)

There are so many faces to the same clone, says the wife of the scientist
There are so many sides to the same story
So many seconds go past while we wait for them to pour our drinks
It shouldn’t matter which way the wind blows
It shouldn't matter simply 
We are seated inside anyway
Velvet is the veil we’ve learnt to appreciate
Discrimination is the fabric we cloak onto those different to us  

Change is selective just as the greetings we give to the strangers we meet
On the street we stand staring into architecture that baffles the brain
When should we start feeling sorry for those 
Who feel it the most
It’s sometimes worth wondering what church bells ring for
When they dial those stones and wait for the groom to flee from the altar
The scandal is what we live for
When our lives aren’t any better we discuss those of other people
Before we indulge in self pity again
And inflict victimhood through illegitimate means  

It’s a chase of wives and prostitutes and we’re stuck in between
Those hours of running out of breadth
And the freedom, that early in the morning we’ll hug ourselves if no one else will
Pour our drinks in the next second we’ll streak naked and protest because
Under these wraps are a beast waiting to
Run wild
The leap from one table to another
And slip on mountains of marble stone
Never judge a woman with her eyes shut