Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Rush and Roll with the Blue-Faced Gentleman

“Man with a Straw Hat and an Ice Cream Cone” by Pablo Picasso (1938)

Fear is the only instrument familiar to the orchestra
The orchestra plays the melody for the audience unwilling to hear their own projection
Suffocation is in the air; the spotlight is fickle and more so than sweethearts
The room is dark and haunted because of the colour blue
The stoned angels weep in the corner illuminated by spotlights of orange splotches
Blue and orange is hardly a predictable pair of harmony
The juxtaposition is complimentary and worthy of your praise
Their arms are hardly armed for flying nor are they ready to be shot down
By fits of depression from the audience
An angel in agony isn’t a pretty sight
How does the orchestra manage to depress a room full of people

Music is only a means of manipulation
Unhappiness floats in the air and undisturbed  
It’s too familiar to feel sad again
Blue is the mood of choice 
Depression daunts the audience whereas only few can appreciate a harmonica
The harmonica weeps when played with, that’s what it sounds like
When the orchestra bows at the end they are bowing to the crazy man with the blue skin
His soulless eyes and the flared nostrils are the trademarks of a gentleman 
He hasn’t shaven in ten years
In another decade from now his beard will be the river to tangle the orchestra with directions 
Of the map expired

He hasn’t a clue what he is contending 
But he is still and just says and writes some more and over
In the hope that someone will read and listen 
It’s not unlikely to go on a foray of harmony with unpredictable people
A nude figure stands in front of the light with a walking stick over his shoulders
The naked body is the ultimate testament to freedom
Only the truly gracious can afford to be flamboyant in their skin
Art depends on the posture of the cold marble
He commands something of someone in his language no one knows about 
Freedom is the instrument never heard when stumbled upon
On the red carpet there is too much noise for music