Sunday, 20 December 2015

Roasting on Leaves of the Liver

“La Vie” by Pablo Picasso (1903)

Deal with concern the twenty-year-old boys diagnosed, with high cholesterol 
What kind of a doctor diagnoses a twenty-year-old victim 
Absorb their disappointment in paper towels of impressive nature
Fry in oil extra virgin the fragility of youth undermined
The patterns of fear in fonts too large for narcissistic handling 
Twenty-year olds can’t approve of the truth typical for the reality, of old men only 
The pyramid is piled with unrealistic expectation.
Blame the twenty-year-old diet of wasteful consumption 
The audience members, inside the pyramid stadiums, are all junkies 
The lettuce is boiling with rage; keep the fucking cabbage away from mouths of the hungry 
Men are so keen for their freedom, far-fetch

Abolish the influence of the blue epidemic 
There is no such thing as mercy 
Utopia contains the family to cancel the invitation of those who turn up sick 
Illness is the shadow that creeps up, upon inspection  
Refunds are only applicable in some circumstances, feed hope with disappointment 
The guards at the gates of heaven were born in hell 
Baskets are sewn for the purpose of fulfilling terror and suffering 
It is hard to read because it is hard to eat
Prepare the salad dressing for pancakes made entirely out of panic
The secret recipe for premature departures have been, for quite some time,
The deprivation of time spent on earth 

No one wants to leave utopia once they step foot inside 
Food is the fountain for youth 
Good health is unattainable even for the gods who worship their bodies 
In mirrors made of clouds, stuffed with daydreams
A nightmare occurs whenever someone knocks on the door of the still sleeping 
Drills can drive away the nightmare 
When sleep is the shield for reality there is no hope
The escape is situated on the left hand side of the right arm 
Only knock on the door of the twenty-year old youth 
In extreme circumstances
Sleep is the only happiness