Monday, 7 December 2015

Qualified History With The Temptations of Doubt

“L’enlèvement des Sabines” (The Rape of the Sabines) by Pablo Picasso (1962)

The article bashes Gandhi like we’ve never had the slightest dare or need to do so 
The articulation of appeals to reason 
Says Gandhi was never really the idol that we so idolize him as today 
A saint on the outside a villain within
Gandhi never intended to liberate women or black people or people in general it seems
Women are accountable for provoking the libidos of man, according to Gandhi 
According to the article, according to its author, Gandhi was the opposite of our ideals upon 
Which so many great images with quotes have circulated, online 
"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"

It’s hard to know whether to believe or disbelieve 
The Internet is infamous for fooling
Gandhi never existed if it’s only been deemed a Gandhi a God for peace and armistice 
Who discriminated against the black people of Africa, and saw his wife to death on purpose
By denying his wife the medication of which would save his own life, later on 
Who is Gandhi anyway 
Caution occurs during the coincidence of other articles, that report on the same allegations 
Probably not a coincidence 
Gandhi is but a god 
Think before submission 

If Gandhi were such this beast there would be no surprise 
For history lectures once Hitler was also idolized
But let’s not liken Gandhi to Hitler yet without further convincing 
The article is so fast to launch attacks in the name of bias nothing good was ever said 
Of the peaceful leader who’s now reluctant to be called our own 
Prejudice is never black nor white
Why do they want to slaughter the legend 
Should it even matter for if the contention for peace still remains today, through what, 
The article accuses as fiction
At least the world can still learn something