Sunday, 6 December 2015

Plenty of Faces

“Portrait de Jaime Sabartes en grand d'Espagne” (Portrait of Jaime Sabartes as Grandee) by Pablo Picasso (1939)

Revolving doors originated when a man grew sick of the social convention of opening doors 
For women, the tallest door is currently in Europe and measures an astonishing five metres 
Four wings for the four-eyed 
Read the sign carefully to save yourself from the embarrassment or the accusation of 
Humans being a pervert
We’re so good at things we’re not proud of
The fingerprints on the glass are a form of contradiction to our standards
A dirty mirror is useless
Face yourself until you are satisfied; crack your jokes in the reflection   
Create your own fortune from the piles of potion on the green field

Our windcheaters are spiked with blades of yellow grass, the oval is so uncomfortable to lie 
On, and avoid the drinks of their offering
They wipe on our faces the offers designed for degradation
Evil is translucence capable of burning throats
A lump in the throat is probably cancer
Your collar is too flamboyant for anyone's good
The word cancer is subjective; for so many people it is definitely death
The doctors claim they are doing their best
Waiting rooms are enjoyable only when you are rich

Regret is the act of slapping oneself implicitly
Sexuality is a tricky subject matter to discuss, unless we afford some empathy
The face swallows itself in the dark
Darkness is not the coming of age but death 
History is the study of walking in shoes too big for our own fit, shoelaces are hopeless   
And if shoes do all the walking, how are our feet sore
If our feet are sore, how do we go back enough to find the shoemakers
Who created cruelty or compassion 
A medal is only deserved if there are none people pondering objection