Thursday, 3 December 2015

Photogenic Newborn Babies

“Famille au Singe” (Acrobat's Family with a Monkey) by Pablo Picasso (1905)

What is the point of lying to us when we know the truth
A family portrait is always draining to get through but it is a reward for eternity
When we see our grandmas weep through every page of the album
Falling apart
What are we even supposed to feel
When we know against our wills, the same people no longer surround us
In those photos they disguise themselves so well
The snakes that had yet to shed their skins
What ugly colours they have on their backs
Stay away from the tongues of evil people
Unless you are willing to be
The victims of their venom

There are happier things to talk about
But they can’t surface to the forefront of our thinking brains
Because evil keeps on coming through
It always finds its way  
In our heads the world could be so much more of a better place in which
To raise our children
We can’t protect their innocence for long
But imagine if we could
They won’t thank us for it but if it’s for the best
We ought to do what needs to be done
Except it’s impossible
So we deflate like the bright-coloured balloons

At their birthday parties, our mothers gave them gifts that we were given
Yet they never found out
Because we never wore those clothes that shock us still
How could someone buy and sell those clothes in the first place
Our fathers dressed so well
And better than we could ever copy no matter how hard we tried
An attempt is always worth applauding even if
For drowning out the sounds of sorrow
A baby’s weep is its first hello
Why do we refer to babies as it
They are also us
This is the evidence that we should not dismiss 
We discriminate against so many people, including our own offspring