Thursday, 3 December 2015

Permanently Humorous

“Woman with Bangs” by Pablo Picasso (1902)

It would suck so bad to have a face that makes people laugh even if you don’t try
Where do we get the motivation to laugh at other people’s mess  
We already have big piles of shit we need to sort through and deal with
Being curious is a curse and unhealthy for
Your reputation
Is the only thing about you that you can manipulate
So do yourself some justice
Leave the woman alone
Attend to your troubles because there are plenty of them
Just waiting for the chance to bring you down
Like mansions collapsing during earthquakes
Or sinking through the wholes in the earth that starved to shut them up

Silence is the music of preference
Because your voice is anything but
The audience is the best crowd if they are deaf to our shortcomings
Dou you realise
Your eyes judge so fiercely
There is a kind of sick fascination that you have for other people and their children
Is that because you find your own lives uninteresting
They’re worth living in any case if only you would
Mind your business
Is one of the advice that successful people thrive on
And will never share because sharing is not the ethic of the superior
Even if it’s just clichés

They’ll still write good things about them
Just because they like the author it doesn’t make his writing any good than it actually reads
Insincere feedback gives me a headache
We wish they knew they’re not as good as they think they are
When they embarrass themselves
It’s hard not to laugh
So we swallow our saliva
To save their face from drowning in the blue light
Not everyone is prepared for the spotlight to be
Shone on them 
A show of critiquing flaws