Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Overflown with Fluency

“Femme à l'éventail” (Lady with a Fan) by Pablo Picasso (1905)

Only she with the bow on her head can make peace successfully
With the enemy who stand in rows of disguised faces under masks intended to horror
Five fingers don’t have to just symbolise prayers
A closed mouth is so much stronger than a bow and arrow
As demonstrated
She wears blue and purple everyday because she wants to  
She believes in them
We’re always wondering what she sees when she tells what we ought to hear
She is the goddess we’ve been praying to our whole lives
We’ve been walking around with shadows of her grace
Cast on our backs
The shredded fabric that labels us as the inferior kind
She is only a child

Remember, can you really
Why do we look at our hands to tell the future, when we can look at our faces instead
The face has so many more clues about who we are, as people
We are bound to help people but we don’t
So what does that make us
We’re never ourselves completely when we think too hard
Nothing seems to make sense to the mind not trained
In philosophy
We’re not animals, but we aren’t better
Some animals have questions for us if only we’d just let them speak their minds
For once
A bark is a means of communication
When they climb on trees and suspend themselves in dispute
We silence them with holy water
Bceuase we are the cowards
Always judge a person’s treatment towards their animal

Never admire someone to the extent you’re afraid to satisfy your own curiousity
The only way to get rid of questions is to ask them
For instance
Why are you holding a fan  
Is it merely a tool to dehydrate your fumes
Or does it carry greater significance, for we have learnt never to overlook even
The smallest details in a painting a poem or a film can change the meaning of everything
That went before
We mean no harm when we bombard you with our questions
So thank you for your patience
It takes a lot for men of our honour to bow down
To a little girl
But only the girls can surrender so beautifully, and make of defeat an artform