Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Opulence Unheard Of

Fatherhood” by Pablo Picasso (1971)

Crown anxiety the familiar friend with headbands of a headache 
The jewel of the crown is a gemstone ego 
Bloody diamonds are a natural resource of the Crown
The king is better than the priest so he crowns himself against their tradition 
The priests who used to confer crowns on kings
Are no longer employed 
And banished back to church instead, with blood on their hands 
Headaches hardly do to undermine the crown’s nobility 
The nobles spit on their hands in acts of pity for him or herself 

Poverty has never been noble 
The king never steps far from the palace 
His walls are high to shield his mournful being 
The king and his people have never been friends 
For a friendly king is seen as weak
The bloodline refuses 
Will they transfuse us into the bloodline if we have the rarest blood type 
Only three percent of the population can demand what I am demanding today 
They’ve said a petition is versatile in its form  

Diamonds are the enemies of mankind who shed each other’s blood for ownership 
Never is there enough 
Green is the colour of discontent 
The peasants have had enough of the king’s impotence to bear the nation a baby boy 
Boys will be the death of men 
When crying is desired 
The future says it will come back for the crown 
And confer on someone else instead the headache 
For royalty 
Should the king be longer useless, the crown is anyone's to steal