Sunday, 6 December 2015

Mentors For No Talent

“Nude, Green Leaves and Bust” by Pablo Picasso (1932)

Never trust someone who admires your kindness, for they are incapable of their own
A compliment is never certain nor ideal
The end is excruciating to watch
They keep on smiling for no reason so we smile back for that particular reason
There is no reason to abandon a child in a hopping mall
How do lungs so small scream so loud in the panic of getting lost
The corridors are labeled for our convenience
Children are associated with nostalgic because the notion of childhood is a once in a lifetime
Your children are what you feed them when you advise them to forgive

Plantations of seeds we secretly sew in their gardens
We have no right to hem our hope on their fields
It’s up to them to water our labour to indulge the fruits still waiting to be bore
We’re born too early
It’s too early to start a fight; influence is the force to harness with care
During the distribution of influence, be even more careful to hand with gloves
The power their rat race cannot replicate
The principal can hardly keep his head on his shoulders
The consultant is slaughtered for incompetence  
Silence is the test to be failed at one point in our lives

The old woman lies on the couch for a whole day as an armchair floats down the street
She is wrapped in layers of blankets even in the summer
She growls when the air conditioner is turned on
Fresh air is faulty
She makes us suffer with her because she loves us all but not quite evenly
Her bones are too frail to withstand the cold air of the conditioner
The grey hairs on her balding scalp are a statement for the philosophy of longer living
Lying is the biggest crime against the dreadfully hopeless 
We don't understand still why they have to do it, so we bust their balls