Saturday, 5 December 2015

Limitations of Lingering On Canvas

“La espera” (Waiting) by Pablo Picasso (1901)

Only the real attention seekers wear the colour red
Red is the colour of so many things, such as the chair that our sisters study upon
Roses are red in so many damn poems
Never start your poems with a cliché
There are so many instructions for success
Never follow rules and never say never say never because you think it’s smart
Why do faces turn red in times of embarrassment
It is so embarrassing when our cousins take photos of us exploring the architecture
Of our nostrils
It’s a jungle inside

Always avoid the colour red in nature
The beast is drawn to the attention seeker for the following reasons associated with 
The colour:
Red meat and red organs and there’s no need to state the obvious, our blood is sometimes
Not even red
A purple or wine colour instead
Avoid asking too many questions 
There are summons to properly explore the bounds of the jungle
Orchids blossom under the roots of the tallest trees
If only orchids smelt like something

The woman in red won’t cease to stare
The staring is fixated on us; the staring is for purely observational reasons
She lost her family in the fire and she is searching for them, after ten years
She still doesn’t know who her father is
Or she’s just nervous for the job interview, because rumours circulate about 
The boss’ tendency to be a bitch
Perhaps she has no friends, because of limited options  
It would make the stranger’s day 
To say hello
Even if they seem occupied they are probably waiting for conversation