Friday, 4 December 2015

Leftovers of the Emotional Soul

“The Weeping Woman” by Pablo Picasso (1937)

They wear tremendous amounts of colours to disguise their real feelings
It’s harder to tell the mood of a multifaceted scheme; if blue is, during the independence 
Implied depression
Blue juxtaposed against green means something completely different
And green means differently as well when it swallows the colour purple
And on, the cycle goes
Only the truly clever can deceive, with the third person narrative
There is a story to each colour that they exploit on their skin
Yellow is perhaps the most uninteresting colour and most avoided

The debate about eyebrows and their intention have long been kept alive
If eyes are made for seeing and noses for breathing
It’s only been revealed, quite recently, that the eyebrow is intended to stop the sweat 
From soaking the eye
Now that, is what, is worthy of praise
Except when eyebrows are slanted
They betray the emotion of those who would rather present themselves as neutral
We're still wondering about the use of creases on foreheads

If we look under the microscope there are surfers along those tides
Of the frowns of the face
Squashed too many times, but brave enough to waddle on
There is more to laugh about than cry if only the self-love wasn’t so strong
There are more colours invisible to the human eye
Some insects see what humans can’t, so humans kill them all the time for revenge
Jealousy is quite deadly, in a literal sense 
The fly has been the victim once too many times