Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Laissez- faire Citizens

“Carafe and Three Bowls” by Pablo Picasso (1908)

If you’ve ever observed the seagull closely not all of them have orange feet
Some of them also have bad posture for their necks appear shorter and almost stiff
Compared to their prouder companions
We identify with them
Shy birds are cool birds
But aren’t kind
A seagull is a snake when it hides its leg to leech from, in the burden of disability
The actually handicapped
Like drivers who park where they are forbidden   
Entitlement is a universal phenomenon

Regardless of our expectations
Who would have thought that seagulls would also eat apples until we ran out of the bread
And fed them some bits of our fruit, in addition to the complimentary saliva
Germs can be generous
They are in fact
Our grandma litters her offerings near us to see the gull attack
Whatever makes her happy
What selfish means, however                                           
It’s so rare to see her enjoy herself  
Which alone is worth the nuisance of these dumb creatures  

Thus, chew faster on your apples
For the feast
Maybe the seagull doesn’t even enjoy the apple itself, but the applesauce…
If you get what we mean… You’d be thrilled to see them flock at your feet
It’s a joy to feed a bird and a privilege for man;
Last night we did something we’ve always wanted to do
Bought the homeless some food and left it beside them while they were sleeping
We aren’t bragging
Just hoping to influence you to try it yourself 
An adrenaline rush is priceless