Sunday, 13 December 2015

Jumpers of Joy Jogging Simultaneously

“Two Women Running on the Beach” (The Race) by Pablo Picasso (1922)

There is quite a lot of preparation that goes into a beach outing
Why do the capitalists specify towels for the beach when no one cares about the difference
We’ve so much wealth we haven’t better things to do
The beach is a salt mine 
Humans too can benefit from a salt marathon
Might as well
Run with the sunsets on your shoulders; the sky would be thrilled
They’re all so creative the entrepreneurs who sell us their genius 
We are the people they brand the targets of the lower class
Their pledge for poverty   

Why do some people read on the beach when it seems uncomfortable
It probably is
When the wind blows the sand into the spine of the book the pages flip themselves
Thus the sand becomes the bookmark, unintentionally
We shiver in scorn
Bookmarks are useless, when there is one in between every page,
Reading at the beach is redundant
Don’t be so greedy so as to multitask
Attention the bookworms prone to skin cancer 
You either give the beach your full attention or you read in the car

The breaking waves are announcing news: “Tsunami about to claim lives of hundreds”
Marine life is majestic
It’s a better life under the sea where fish are saved from the insanity of human beings
When divers invade the fields of the fish they all die a little inside
Or they do so literally, when they get caught in our net
Is that why we sell fishnets?
To wear with pride, our cruelty
I remember a sad joke from my ten-year-old neighbour I shouldn’t attempt to make funny 
Why was the sea wet. 
"Because the seaweed?"