Saturday, 5 December 2015

Jargon of the Superiors

“The Acrobat” by Pablo Picasso (1930)

The storming on grindstones is comparable to the storming on ancient battlefields
For the commander, the term launched is standard
For the jogger, the terms are jargon
A war needn’t be on grand scale to find defeat
A war against oneself is a war on rightful grounds
One, two, one, two, the sweat and tears infused together for cocktail enjoyment 
At the institution of narcissism
Offence is nonexistent

The contest of touching one’s foot on tip toes
Run in the same direction for kilometers counted incorrectly
Our heart rates are not measured  
With enough precision
There is no measure for the exhaustion, disguised as beneficial
Sculptures are born inside the institution
Once like Michelangelo awaiting his marble from the mountaintops, to be transported
Transformation is always commendable, regardless of the scope, of scrutiny

Communication is scarce
This... is... a... visual... representation... of... what... it... means... to... “go fuck yourself”
The body is only as flexible as the brain that controls it
Inside proportions of confinement, the body finds its own methods to express itself
Movement is always deemed as art
By the artistic
First they mould the mind, and then they mould the limbs until the creation of
Intricate body language
The boxes for ticking are merely surveys for the experts to count their blessings