Thursday, 3 December 2015

Genetic Archiecture

“Tête de femme” (Woman's Head) by Pablo Picasso (1908)

If our facial expressions were a projection of our thoughts
What can you make of the swirls on our cheeks
Our lips aren’t really blue but let’s just say they are for hypothetical sake
What would their significance be
Authors tend to utilise the colour blue as saddness
But I don’t think the colour blue itself, if it could talk, would appreciate that
Very much
I read just a few days ago that octopuses have blue blood because their blood is copper-based
Instead of iron 
Like ours
A blood donation is the greatest thing you can do for free
The fact of saving three lives should make for your consideration
You don’t have to be doctors to save lives

We already know that
As well
Except for the reason why our eyes are always connotated with the dark shading
They refer to as bags
Who coined this stupid term
There is too much baggage that comes with stupidity and bad puns
We’re never pleased with the shape of our noses
Even after plastic surgery
They are the bridges that allow our eyes to cross from one side 
To the other
The face is not meant to be symmetrical
Or else we’ll look like aliens

In the films they’ll depict us as the foreigners
Because we look the part, it doesn’t mean we are
Prejudice predisposes us to some of the things that we despise
Like having to spell out our surnames three times in a row
Because the first two explanations weren’t clear enough
Some people need to open up their ears
It’s just so weird that some people have their earlobes stuck to their faces
I’m sure there’a term for that as well, but I’m not going to waste my time to research
Something that freaks me out, actually...
According to Google images, they’re only referred to as free or attached lobes 
So there you go and I am a hypocrite 
Over and out