Thursday, 3 December 2015

Fantasies Are Fantastic

“Acrobate à la Boule” (Acrobat on a Ball) by Pablo Picasso (1905)

I’ve always hated being the eldest child
There are so many things I’ve gotten in trouble for from which my sister escaped
I’ll always be a year older and therefore wiser, hopefully
We are the role models we were made to be
It’s quite amusing to think that we share with our siblings 
Something that we can never have in common with anyone else:
The womb
Our residency, that carried us was blessed with our grace
Your majesty 
For those nine months and how many days
It’s never accurate in our cases
For I was born a week late while she saw the light of the hospital
A week earlier too, so we both ended up on the eleventh
Of a crazy coincidence  

The holy womb that nurtured our souls and my sister’s wild mood swings
"Oh my god"
I don’t think we’re quite the blessings our mother had hoped 
But it’s too bad
And we are sorry
It’s not indifference but it wouldn’t make any difference even if we tried to change
We really can’t
Deal with our family as smoothly as we do
With foreign people
We don’t care if strangers judge us
Because we also have the right to judge them back
My sister and I have always wanted an older brother or sister
So our positions could all slide down a notch on the family tree
There are no edible fruits

So we starve over the impossible 
There are so many candidates I can think of for our brother that could have been
If only it had happened that way
I’d probably be free and the property of myself
For once in my life I would like to do something on my own
It’s not entrapment that we want to flee from
But the responsibilities that we
Impose on ourselves
The ideals that don’t exist outside of utopia
By the way, utopia itself does not exist
Proclaims the utopians
So save the money in your bank accounts for a more realistic holiday 
We're still allowed to dream