Saturday, 5 December 2015

Extravagant Exits for New Enemies

“Portrait of Gertrude Stein” by Pablo Picasso (1905)

Send fourth the spy of the two-faced intention, glorious in the act of impressing indifference
Hardly competent
Presents itself as an object of loyalty
Perceived as virtuous, by the deceived
Satisfaction is a result of low expectations
Speak if you dare
Question not the taste of heartbroken women
In the command of reconciliation, banish the bastards who lurk
Who fish
Behind the bush that shapes the river

Insufficiency is the blood that weeps through the backyard
In which a river breeds itself
In retrospect
Seen are those lots of familiar faces trespassing the property, to trigger illness
The innuendo  
Squashing stomachs of nonexistent appetite
Nostalgia is necessary
For digestion
The aftermath of the infidelity provides the atmosphere for self-destruction
Spoken from shy mouths
Strong assertions of confusion 

Slaughter in front of the advocates of justice, the surreal nightmare of premature defeat
Sung in hotels
The hallways of someone’s house
Is so pleasant
In contrast to haunted backyards, the juxtaposition of barking dogs
On old verandas
The arching backs of tested endurance
Plagued with responsibility
A strong voice is a powerful instrument
For a desperate man intends to beg