Sunday, 6 December 2015

Exquisite Gunfire Futures

“Le Gourmet” by Pablo Picasso (1901)

Napalm the notorious mythical creature, of novellas, not for children
Bedtime stories are overrated; the child is the chef who scrapes the last of our hope  
When are they going to hang me
Cool your tongue on ash and coal before they wreak harsher means
Children and innocence are subject for envy
Salute the lieutenant once in a while who hasn’t any sense of authority
The conflict that escalates on its own terms is more interesting, than the newspapers 
Indoctrination is inevitable
Propaganda is what it is  

Slip me some skin
On frequent basis 
Distributing images won’t stop flashing, never mind the mix of optimism and condemnation
In the classroom the grenade is explored
Groovy are the teachers who teach against the curriculum
There’s no point feeding the brain bound for premature mortality
Feed instead a batch of tears, wet obviously  
Paddle in idioms, the intellect loves a good metaphor
A brawl in the bar calls for recruits, listen for once
To adventure the globe, join the army and mark things

A date for grand jury
We found out that we can't find babies in the jungle man and animal interweave
Horses land on our face, whereas a lunatic beats until bloody a bush
Camouflage is beating around the bush
Real firearm explodes from mouths, unlike the nozzle of doom
There's a fire in the building determined to burn everything in its track so flee far, for
The fighting, in the hills
Give it a break so as to focus on the third person
The titles of they them and etcetera 
No one is allowed on my bed